Business Critical Services

Our business-critical tech services offer clients the expertise, analytics, insight, and automation they need to become resilient, adaptive, and transformative. It is our goal at i4 Solutions to use these services to help our client stabilize their infrastructure and optimize their IT operations.
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Advisory Consulting Services
Organizations looking to adopt technology solutions to digitize core business operations will find our consulting services vital. This service provides clients with a tailored strategy that incorporates the right technology, which meets their business needs.
Implementation Services
Businesses looking to integrate new technologies into their business will benefit from our implementation services. Using our experience and expertise, we help deploy new solutions as part of your digital transformation.
Project Management Services
Project Management with i4 Solutions offers tech services specialized in planning, organizing, coordinating, and executing projects, helping businesses complete projects on time and within the specified budget.
Disaster Recovery Services
Our Disaster Recovery Services are available to handle all data protection activities at your business. This includes back-up, replication, failover, and failback services as well as the expertise of our team to ensure that your data is safe and easily recoverable.
Business Continuity Services
Business Continuity Services at i4 Solutions are designed and implemented to enable your business to deal with crisis management, emergency response, and technology recovery so you are able to continue operating without any disruption.