Hybrid IT Solutions

Hybrid IT solutions allow organizations to blend in-house and cloud-based services to host their IT resources. At i4 Solutions, we can advise and provide you with an effective, efficient, and personalized hybrid IT model based on your business tech goals and needs. These solutions include SDX, Data Centers or Campus Networks, Cloud-Base Networking Solutions, among others. Continue reading below for a full list of Hybrid IT Solutions we can provide you and your organization with.
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Software-Defined X
Commonly known as Software Defined everything or SDX, this solution, available at i4, will allow the automation of a physical item of function through a software.
Data Centers
Companies looking to house their business-critical applications and information systems in physical, cloud, or hybrid data centers can reach out to i4 Solutions. We provide solutions that offer comprehensive security, ensure privacy and confidentiality, and safeguard critical data while allowing for complete visibility and control.
Campus Network & Corporate Area Network (CAN)
Campus Networks, or Campus Area Networks, are a great solution for organizations that are looking for high level data security, large and fast data transfer, and strong connectivity. At i4 Solutions, we recommend organizations with corporate campuses opt for the CAN solution to ultimately improve their connectivity.
Wired and Wireless Networks
Different organizations and businesses can benefit from either a wired or wireless connection to set up their computers to a network. i4 Solutions can you help you understand and implement the setup best suited to the needs and goals of your organization.
Cloud-Based Networking Solutions
Cloud-Based Networking is a common and reliable solution for organizations looking to centralize their networking resources. Our cloud-based networking solutions provides centralized management, control and visibility of your network within a reliable and secure space.
Hyper-Converged Systems
Address all your business needs with the Hyper-Converged Systems available at i4 Solutions. Built on a framework that combines storage, computing, and networking into one single system, Hyper-Converged Systems reduce the complexity of datacenters, increase scalability, and offer greater levels of automation.
Computer and Storage Systems
With the demand for greater data storage at an all-time high, businesses need to consider reengineering their compute and storage strategy and infrastructure. The Compute and Storage Systems offered at i4 Solutions will allows for rapid scaling, operational efficiency, and architectural simplicity in an open, protected ecosystem.